How the fuck is Firebase still a thing? I just spent hours debugging a random "not authorised" error, only to find out you need to enable a deprecated API even if you're only using the new (recommended) one. Do they tell you about it? Fuck no, they keep it disabled by default, they tell you to only use the new API, and they make it pretty much impossible to find the deprecated API you need to enable without a direct link.

And why the fuck does the official SDK send image URL as { "imageUrl": "http://..." }, when the endpoint expects it to be { "image": "http://..." }? Why the fuck does the documentation mention both options interchangeably, while only the latter one actually works?

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    Thatswhy i make my own servers^^
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    It's all in the name.

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    Fire baseD
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    Firebase -> base on fire -> server on fire!
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    Make sure you confirm you are using the same api version in the docs and in your code.

    Also if you haven't already, enable typescript.
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    @melezorus34 Listen here, buddy, it's not some minor API version difference, it's a whole different API with a different name and endpoints, you'd fucking notice something's wrong if the documentation said to use "newApi.doNewStuff" and your code had "oldDeprecatedApi.doOldStuff". Also it's pretty fucking clear which one you're using when the error message says "Failed to authenticate to the new API - project not allowed".
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    What programming language are you using?

    It's a shitstorm but I've managed to get it working correctly for me with both Js and Flutter projects. The documentation is not clear, they seem to miss out important parts but it usually boils down to whether you are using legacy http or http v1 api (also, I hate that naming convention. Why not V1 and V2??)
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