I was checking Notesnook pricing, guess for who they wrote the price as "Your Data"

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    Wait, your data is the actual price? At least they're honest.

    Who are the first three prices for, your girlfriend, your neighbour, and your mom?
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    @electrineer lol no they are comparing other services with theirs, first is theirs, then EverNote, then OneNote, last is Google Notes which has the price of your data
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    To be fair, everyone should do this. Saying "free" is deceptive and it has been a slow journey to push the notion of users paying with their data for "free" services to the public view.

    If any normie sees the "your data" claim, and properly explained hopefully somewhere in a tool tip or program description, then they might think twice about using the service. but if it just says "free" every idiot will click it without thinking
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    @Hazarth Good point but sadly Google writes it as free, this on Notesnook website pricing page that I saw your data
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    I'm not sure if it's fair to add it only to Google, though. How can we tell the others don't take both your money and your data.
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    @electrineer Honestly from my point of view if its online its not yours anymore
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    @Hazarth it's more of a "researchers" failing to provide a separate row in table about data collection. Here we just have the case of combining two rows in one, which in a sense can be deemed as deceptive as not providing the full picture.
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