So some shit bags here keep posting stuff of 9gag, reddit and 4chan just for the heck of it...PEOPLE THIS IS FOR RANTING OHH MY GAWD ARE YOU GONNA MAKE THIS ANOTHER STUPID FACEBOOK PAGE.. We can post rants at 2 hour intervals because everyone needs proper exposure. Now you stupid annoying fucks who want +++++ for getting the free stress ball. Go get a life! If you want a ++ fucking earn it, if you think memes are the only way, then SPEND YOUR GODDAMN PUNY LIFE MAKING YOUR OWN.

I was totally fine with memes till today, my entire fucking home page is filled with fucking memes ripped off the Internet and SOME AREN'T EVEN DEV RELATED.


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    This rant should go viral! A dire requirement.
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    This should be the description of the app, or a message sent out to all users. Or why not both!
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    Hey @TheAnimatrix is John here?! Or the John's Jk?
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    Very well said!
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    @analogbits well that was a story I failed to convey properly..
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    Doesn't wk52 encourage non-rants, actually?
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    @ArchieT non rants were never a problem, it's the stupid memes we find everywhere.
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    thank you!
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    Would (++)^2 if it were possible...
    These non-dev related posts get really annoying...
    Time to add a "Not dev related" -- Button.
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    https://devrant.io/users/..., one of the good examples! Please check him out.. all personal hate intended, most of the memes he posts I've seen on reddit, the guy is desperate for a stress ball... His memes are as relatable to developers as they are to mice
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    @Letmecode b..b...bb...but I meant more like
    var upvotes = 1234;

    upvotes = Math.pow(++upvotes, 2);

    // kat$hinggg
    return $$$profit$$$;
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    @qbasic16 someone call me? - PHP
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    I'm just curious, how do you know the motives of the people who post images? On the contrary, how are you able to tell people posting stories aren't looking for upvotes?

    If you have examples of non-dev-related things with lots of upvotes, I'd like to see those. Generally that kind of stuff gets marked as spam pretty quickly.

    And sorry, but we don't have any rules disallowing image posts so please don't try to indicate otherwise. We do not technically allow "non-dev-related" content but occasionally some will slip through. Meaning, no photos of your dog, or generally silly stuff like that. But we have had users post life events in the past that the community has enjoyed so it's a fine line.

    In general we've found it's best not to tell people what to post and what not to post (beyond what I said) and let the community vote.
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    @dfox maybe I wasn't very good at conveying what I wanted to, it's always the memes. I've seen a lot of memes where people whole heartedly rip them off from other networks with a snarky comment repeatedly ignoring the need to post sources. Call it bad memory but if it's repeated, it's plagiarism. I can't do pretty much anything about it than complain. Also, I know I'm pretty new to this community but usually Id like to pay attention to something exclusive to this community. Memes copied non righteously without talking about a source is just wrong and it's not too far before you realize everything's diverted from what it was. An example would be the one profile I pointed out in a previous comment, the guy posts nothing but memes. I love this community and it's expanding a lot but at this rate it's just another reddit page.

    Sorry if I've offended any real content creators or people who wanted to really make others laugh (it's rare but I acknowledge you people exist) and sorry dfox.
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    @dfox maybe I shouldn't have ranted about it since memes are pretty much the highest rated things around here, not much to do when the community itself seems to like it. My bad.
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    @TheAnimatrix no need to apologize, but I do in general really dislike when users backseat moderate and try to censor other users.

    I'm just pointing out that I think people should be very careful when telling us to ban certain kinds of content and posts and telling the community not to post them anymore.

    Honestly, I cringe every time someone posts a "69" rant or rant with a photo of their dog, but I see the danger in outright banning that stuff and instead allow it to be voted on. I bring up those two, extremely non-dev-related pieces of image content for a specific reason that you can probably figure out.

    And I think we should be honest here - I don't think you're worried about the attribution factor of memes. You already said what you were worried about people "unfairly" getting upvotes. You said nothing about attribution in your original post.

    Yeah, I'd like them to be attributed too, but I think usually there's not even an obvious author to many of them as they spread.
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    Anyway, I'll end with the way I end this on everyone who complains about anything about devRant - constructive feedback is appreciated and goes a long way in helping us improve the app, but just complaining and deciding to try to censor other users yourself really doesn't.

    We've had a number of good ideas that we're looking into, such as rant classifications, and we already have stories mode for people who want to see only long-format rants.
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    @dfox Point noted, deleted all my Invalid rants and will be deleting this one too to avoid any future opinion biasing. It did help me vent out what I needed to for a while so it actually made me feel great.
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    @TheAnimatrix thanks but no need to delete it or your old ones for that matter.

    What I'm specifically trying to say, is even though I may not like them and find them off-topic, they weren't so ridiculous that other people might not have liked them.

    I fully come on devRant expecting not to like things, to disagree with things, and to even find stuff maddening at times.
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    For future reference I would like to point out that when I say SOME AREN'T EVEN DEV RELATED, by some I mean memes.

    And by criticizing posts of other networks and saying MAKE YOUR Own I talk about meme attribution and stuff like that.

    Doesn't matter right now but do want avoid misconceptions.. Like no non dev related stuff

    My definition of meme : gag pictures that spread on social media like a supervirus
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    @TheAnimatrix do you have examples of memes that were completely not dev-related that got a lot of upvotes?

    Like I said, at no point have we ever encouraged the posting of content that isn't dev-related and from what I've observed that kind of stuff does poorly anyway and rarely gets a lot of upvotes.

    There's definitely unoriginal memes that get a lot of upvotes, but they almost always have to do with development in some way.
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    Obviously if you share story you earn ++.
    You rip something off, you dont earn ++ but just 'get' them. You get what I try to say?

    I dont mind someone writing entertaining story/rant and that he wants some ++s for it. No problem. Memes are inadequate for this place. (maybe I would say except when meme is your rant, and is related so you could use that as rant "All fucking day https://images3.memedroid.com/image...")
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