This is a rare thing; a real rant! Oh, and it's meta too?!

When an app that's meant for developers to release stress turns into a meme sharing contest filled with attentionseeking children sharing memes and stupid images that are NOT rants and have nothing to do with programming or development.

We need moderators before this gets out of hand.

Don't want to offend anyone but I'm afraid this great community is spiralling to an end because of this.

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    Spent a whole fucking day --ing !rants and memes as spam.... I feel you!
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    Everything has an evolution... Good or bad...
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    @RodrigoF this is a devolution :/

    It's not that bad, I see loads of rants and down vote unrelated stuff ...
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    Well well, mate been there done that got a lot of hate for ranting about this.. Please check out my second latest rant.
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    29 of the top 30 rants of the month are not memes. That's the highest percentage we've ever had.

    Do you look at the "recent" sort? If you do, then stop. Recent is meant to be a cluster fuck and it shouldn't be moderated. Moderators = censorship.

    Nearly every other community I've been on hates censorship and moderators that encourage it.
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    Of the top 100 rants of the month, 3 were memes.

    Can't get much lower than that.
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    @dfox it potentially could, once the AI takes over ;)
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