I haven't felt joy programming for a while now.

My work is just tasks that can be done by a monkey if they understand how the framework works and at home I can't come up with any ideas that are exciting, challenging or useful.

I feel like all my creativeness is leaking dry having to deal with deadlines about implementing this text change with critical^3 priority and other boring shit

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    Maybe try reinventing something in a ridiculous way or impose rules to make it challenging
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    Web sockets! just use websockets for anything like loading a static webpage.
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    Build a robot or some home automation. Code you can physically interact with is pretty neat.
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    Yeah I feel you, I think it stems from the lack of control you have. At least, that’s how it usually is for me.
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    Probably the routine of doing something keeps us from having creativity.
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    Get laid
    Inspiration will return lol
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    Buying a monkey and teaching it the framework you are using would be both entertaining and a form of automation.

    Imagine watching it knocking out the latest sprint while you sit back with a cocktail and a book. Hilarious, cute and productive.

    Does it have to be a chimp, or would some kind of lemur work? Depends on the framework, I guess.
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    That sucks man. You probably want to find another job. Even if you do get a nice coding hobby (probably hard to get motivated for at the moment) it's hard to do a job that has no interesting problems.
    The downside of a challenging job is of course stress and bigger chance of failure. I've seen this happen here especially with egos and bad team dynamics.
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    no but seriously: contribute to open-source or become co-maintainer. It is rewarding
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