How I feel after debugging my code !!!!

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    Weird ...Ive never seen this gif on the internet before
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    @sam9669 it's not a fucking repost. It's someone stating how they feel. If you think it's a repost mark it as such and move on. Jesus.
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    @dfox damn bruh, the feels is strong with this one.

    Please tell me you don't defend rants that are actually memes and reposts xD
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    @DucksCanCode you really need to stop backseat moderating. Use the vote buttons and move on.
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    And it's not about "defending reposts." I don't like them but every single community on the internet has reposts and will always have reposts. Telling individual people "not to do them" is just annoying and serves no purpose and just makes people scared to post stuff.

    Also, while some people don't like it, a repost to one person isn't a repost to other people.

    And we have no rule against memes. You can post memes. Do I love all of them? Of course not, but that doesn't mean I want to ban them or censor people.
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