After 2 months of delay, my baby is finally here!!!

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    Damn, the X1 is an amazing notebook. Specs? ;D
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    Excellent choice
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    i7-7600U @ 2.8GHz
    16 gigs of RAM
    480GB SSD
    14" 2560x1440 touch screen display
    This thing is an absolute beast!
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    @divanov *~*

    My dream notebook! I wish you so mush fun with this beauty...
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    How come no one bitches about the high af price of this laptop, yet throw a complete tantrum at Apple's MacBooks
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    @antons Because this is much more laptop for the money.
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    @antons I actually got a great deal on it, half the market price
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    @penguin @penguin ehhh not really that much difference
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    @antons honestly, I was wondering why Lenovo? Sure good specs, but terrible build quality and awful company otherwise.
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    A friend of mine has a Lenovo laptop and the build quality ist for 800€ really good, better than my Acer.
    Which terrible quality do you mean?
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    @nashpotato Well there's lenovo and then there's lenovo thinkpad.
    Once you use a thinkpad there's no going back.
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    I searched and found this laptop costs ~2100$. Is this true?

    That's a lot.
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    @byIcee Little bit more in my country. I could buy three 4k 40" screens and a basic PC for that price
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    @oscylo Jesus Christ that's a lot. I've been looking at the HP Spectre x360 now and thought that was expensive
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    I have the x1 carbon, 8gb ram, 250 SSD. I love it. (Provided by my employer)
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    That's expensive as fuck for a U processor, you could get a much better PC for a lower price. In my country you can get an i7-7700HQ with 16gb, 256gb SSD, 1TB HDD at about 900/1000€
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    @byIcee I've found Yoga X1 with almost the same config. one difference is 512GB ssd. Lowest price for it in a store is 3250$
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    @byIcee I got the top spec 15 inch spectre x360. Highly recommended.
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    @wolt If time is money you are loosing them when you use to old for the job hardware. Of course whether hardware is to old depends on what you are using it for.
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    @oscylo webdev, you can use a damned chromebook and a r
    Raspberry for that, in mot situations.
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    @mundo03 Lucky you. There is no point for me to start working if I don't have i5 with minimum of 8GB of RAM and SSD.
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    @oscylo for work they gave me i7,8GB ram 256Gb SSD... And they are upgrading me to 512GB SSD, 16GB ram, i suspect an upgraded I7 too.

    What I am saying is: web dev can happen even on budget, but a good computer will always make things better ;)

    Ps: My personal computer is a Pentium R (forgot the number), dual core, 4GB ram.
    I do only music creation and editing on it, but have Ubuntu on dualboot just in case :D
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