"Why are these guys faster than us at development?"
"The company that has received millions in investment and has a bigger development team? Yeah no clue man, I guess they are just better than us."

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    "If Google can do it we can as well!"
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    I really wonder, if these clowns, when they wake up in the morning, have any semblance of reality. I mean they must not because I've also seen this mentality EVERYWHERE.

    "why can't we be as good as / fast as facebook/instagram/snapchat"

    ....maybe because we don't have 500 engineers you absolute clown!!!!
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    "build me the next Facebook in one month for just $1000 plz"
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    @CoreFusionX "looking for top senior dev, need website by this sunday, $100"
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    you: it's already sunday.

    them: it'll be ez for you. we can pay you in exposure, or when the app is profitable and we get series A funding.

    meanwhile: *you have died from exposure on the Oregon trail.*
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