A new sales guy in a startup I used to work at was using Internet Explorer. I told him why are you using IE, it's a shitty browser and how frontend devs suffer to support it.
Before I continued, he interrupted me saying that he used to be the regional head of sales team in Microsoft and started defending IE.
I was like Oookaaayy.
......he left the company a week or two later

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    Hey! Without IE all browser memes would be pointless. Respect that.
    And also welcome.
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    Welcome to dealing with people in sales.
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    There used to be a time where I did actually use IE as my default browser at work when doing frontend web dev stuff as the idea was if I was using the most difficult browser by default, I would catch abnormalities quicker. Wasn't such a bad idea to be fair. Although now I do just use Chrome by default.
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    Internet Explorer has it's uses. Where I live, one of the major ISPs is still using Silverlight for their on demand streaming platform. Edge blocks Silverlight, Chrome blocks Silverlight, Firefox does allow it if you install the plug-in, but Internet Explorer runs it out of the box!

    It's basically as discontinued Microsoft product party 🎉
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    @ErwinJanssen Sky Go I'm guessing?
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    Sales people have their uses.
    But defending IE is never among them.
    What you had was an incompetent salesman.
    (no disrespect to salesmen, my wife is in sales)
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    @ALivingMemory Ziggo Go in the Netherlands
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