That moment when you are on terminal, you highlight text and press Ctrl+C, only to realize you have terminated a running job that was 90% complete.

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    GUI people. 😂
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    I think ctrl+shift c is the one you want 😆
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    Then, back in Chrome, you press Ctrl+Shift+C and devtools opens and nothing's added to your clipboard :/
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    Cmd + C for Mac ;)
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    Middle click buffer works in terminal on Linux
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    Been there done that 😓
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    Sound like a windows problem
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    Most CLIs I've used all have different syntax for copying and pasting. It frustrates me so much cuz shit like this happens.
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    Use a mac
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    @Koolstr it's always Ctrl+Shift+C in Linux, no?
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    Use tmux and detach from long running processes!
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    Go hardcore - use putty for a week and you'll get ctrl+c out of your muscle memory.
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    That's why I remapped it...ctrl + c copies and ctrl+shift+c terminates....
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    @Jop- not on terminal; otherwise, yes
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    @Ashkin their problems are kind of cute
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    😂 I would hate myself and never repeat that mistake again.
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    Stopped counting the number of times that has happened way back.
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    @hyperdrifter - no, we want consistency in shortcuts. Why need different shortuct for every app?! it is super annoying. Most of apps use ctrl+C and now why the fuck this shit linux has to stop script and also print new line and not even copy a text !? I am using xubuntu 18 and they did not learn yet.
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