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Amazing how a girl can drive you bonkers!

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    (for legal reasons I can't comment more on this)
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    Usually feeling that way is a bad sign, trust me I've been there and paid in blood for the trip. It implies a certain amount of coordinated and conscious effort is being used to affect you as such. If it's not just that early rush of falling in love that after a few times will also give you pause as you always pay in pounds of flesh for each time you fall in love.

    If feeling so strong are stirring in your soul, take a step back and reflect on its source and effects overall if you can. Passion is great in life but in interpersonal relationships it's a double edged sword and often the bait that lures you into a trap you might otherwise see more clearly.
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    @unicornhunter you're on point!
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    Yeah uh no comment lol
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