Windows is so bad, their users are actually upset instead of happy with every new software update. What kind of masochistic shit is this?

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    And then there are those attracted to glorified macOS looks of W11, forgetting that they are doing twice as much steps to get shit done on this system, defending these approaches with foam in their mouth.
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    @vintprox yeah it’s just bandaids lmao
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    My laptop's battery indicator disappears after every 2nd update. When that happens im like "Ah shit... here we go again"
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    I only use Windows on my company laptop, and it does suck, which is why I'm not using that crap on my private machines.
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    Windows: We have an update for you. Do you want it?

    User: No.

    Windows: You don’t know what you are talking about. You will get that update.
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    Linux users barely notice most updates lol
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    The more 'Maccy' Windows gets, the less I like it.
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    @Kernel 11 is definitely gorgeous. The only thing that irritates me is windows defender notifications and updates. Fuck that.
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    @Noook yeah I miss the mac terminal so so so much
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    @Kernel Yes notifications from defender. There are some "features" I turned off and it wouldn't shut up about it.
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    To be fair, a lot of the avarage users are opposed to change in general. Even if it is 3 clicks less and logical. It moved and we had it!

    I really liked the idea of no start button, just a lot of space on the task bar. Using the flag key anyway (the whole dual mode crap of Windows 8 sucked big time though). First thing people did was complaining about it and request plugins to put it back.
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    @hjk101 Ofc people complained. Discoverability is the main point of a GUI. Hiding elements behind keyboard-only mode is bad, in particular for people who mostly use the mouse and not the keyboard.

    Also, what tiny monitor resolution would it need for the start button to take "a lot of space"?
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