Anyone working at CloudKitchens a.k.a company bought by Travis Kalanick after being kicked out of Uber?

Got several interviews next week. Recruiter that I was working with really overhyped everything. From tech to culture.

They want me to do 4 technical interviews (live coding, DSA, home assignment, and something more). Not sure if its worthwhile.

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    Sounds like a waste of time
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    @red-knot Depends on the priorities, but might as well be.
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    Don't forget: The interview process directly shows you the culture of teh company. If they make you jump though hoops to get the job, they like exerting control and you are likely to enter a strong hierarchy with lots of micromangement and will have to fight over minor stuff. A perfect match for competitive career people and code monkeys - not so good a match for most actual developers.
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    @Oktokolo That’s the thing. I’m not sure anymore if I want slave my ass to corporate anymore. As much as I hate IBM, at least I don’t have to work 80 hours a week.

    You’re absolutely right. Thanks for your input.
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    Depends on how badly you want to work there. Did you research them? Give it a try, see what the assignment is and if it’s a simple crud thing then bang it out. But the name sounds goofy, cloud KITCHENS?
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    Google CloudKitchens and Travis Kalanick. You’ll see why it’s not so goofy. The company is actually solving a really good problem.

    Why would I want to work there:
    - Engineers are ex-Google/ Meta/ Uber/ Apple.
    - Equity.
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    @yehaaw no problem, my point was as long as you feel it’s a great place to work then go for it regardless of name! :)
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