That nice feeling in a cold morning of booting up your code editor / ide of choice and making a brand spanking new prototype project with a language you love. All accompanied by your hot beverage of choice, a warm blanket, and a pet or two.

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    Sigh. I miss this so much.
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    I'll work for a year or two, then I can quit and do another startup/failure and have that moment again :)
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    This is truly good for the soul. I need to get back to doing this.
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    That nice feeling in a cold morning of booting up Android Studio — the laptop gets so warm and cozy.
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    I'm looking forward to that, once I fix my two NAS units, and my PC..

    So far, I have fixed one NAS unit and its only been 47 hours..

    Maybe I need some sleep..

    But first I would have to remove the dangling network cables from the sky, and the HD's on the bed..

    ( The work table is currently cluttered with other things that need fixing..)

    Amusingly one of the other things that need fixing, is making a bigger work table !

    But that requires transplanting a bit of table from someplace else..

    So, lots to do before I have the luxury of coding.
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