Security experts have discovered hundreds of fake websites which are being used to spread dangerous malware for Android and Windows devices. A "vast" network of over 200 internet pages, which impersonate 27 brands such as household names like TikTok, PayPal and Snapchat, are being used to spread a vicious bug which can empty out bank accounts. These bogus websites feature the notorious ERMAC banking trojan which is capable of stealing sensitive login details for 467 online banking and cryptocurrency apps.

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    Is this supposed to be news to someone?
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    Is there a scan for this?
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    This will only get worse btw. A power struggle is occurring worldwide. American media is shitting themselves because the people have had enough. Right now millions of Brazilians are pushing for election accountability. I expect this to overflow after the 8th into the USA. Buckle up buttercup. The propaganda is going to be epic.
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    Only 200?
    I think your missing several 0's on that one.
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    @C0D4 I can't argue with the experts, they said 200 so I can't add additional zeros 😂
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    Supply chain attacks, just with a different vector.

    Same for node packages / pypi packages with slightly different naming, wrong instruction site for setting up repositories, ... and so on.

    Don't trust anything and triple check.
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    @IntrusionCM totally right 👍
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    Remember I said this would get worse:


    The people behind this shit are now targeting devs misspelling package names. I have to assume there are similar attack vectors for npm and other large package managers. Like maybe apt-get.
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