Sooo trueee...

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    Although the empty PS2 port to the left confuses me
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    @juneeighteen It's probably also an empty USB port below it
    That's where they're usually located
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    Will it work?
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    @Xikura TL;DR: No.

    "It's just too bad that wouldn't even work. It won't even work with just the flash drive and PS/2 adapter. That adapter doesn't convert the signal, just the wiring. It's a passive adapter, rather than active. This is used specifically for mice and keyboards and other PS/2 compatible input devices. Your USB input device would then detect that it isn't actually using USB and "fall back" to PS/2. A flash drive can't do that because it doesn't the necessary circuitry to use PS/2."

    Source: http://funnyjunk.com/There+is+alway... (shady page warning)
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