Every time I do a dirty fix and someone in my MR comments "have you investigated the root cause" I wanna kill myself.

No bro, I havent investigated the root cause because this ticket is 3 months old and was passed around like a hot potato from team to team until it got assigned to me.

If you want I can add a comment to refactor this in the future. As far as Im concerned any refactors are out of scope, also I atleast came up with some kind of solution that noone else was able to in 3 months. So im not gonna waste my time on refactoring this piece of shit code under immense pressure from management who thinks it was me who dragged this ticket for 3 months.

Its working, it doesnt cause any side effects, we all gonna die soon and nothing really matters, so fuck off.

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    That got dark at the end there...
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    I kinda love it 😘💕🥰
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    Now, *this* is proper ranting!
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    Once worked with a client. The error was that the form window was positioned wrong, when the tablet was rotated. So client asked to close the window, when tablet is turned...(implemented, deployed to prod)
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    I'm all for investigating root causes of shit, but you do what you gotta do with the time you are given.

    If tests don't break and issue is gone, get it in writing, deploy and forget about it.

    We all know it's probably about a manager caring about stupid KPI related to long standing or number of closed tickets.
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    Can you please rearrange these deck chairs on the Titanic? :)
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    First class don't listen to the orchestra optimally while the ship is sinking 😜
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    The two perform is that management thinks you took 3 months. You need to market yourself better mate. Unsung heroes get shit. Bullshit artists will get the credit and bone of the blame.
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    Fucking awesome!
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