"You should name a variable using the same care with which you name a first-born child." - James O. Coplien

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    U mean u want me to spend a couple days figuring out name of a SINGLE variable?!?! 😨😨😨😨
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    @Electrux Wait, you DON'T spend days/weeks thinking or variable names!?
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    My first born with be named Wolverine!
    "What if you have a girl?"
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    Come here Albus-Severus, stop playing with the scissors.

    Now where I was? Oh yes! Writting a setter for this "isAgeable_String" integer.
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    What a coincident!
    I named my three children thing1, thing2 and thing3.
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    my firstborn : tmp
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    Should I keep discussing and fighting with the entire family over a week and by the end, keep something like "a" because it is the only name no one has any way to justify against it?
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    But how will little tableRowColorChanger know he's more important than my code if I name it as carefully?
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    I spend far too much time thinking of variable names, and they're still bad lol

    I used to play an MMO and thinking of a pet name, I'd be sitting there for hours lol I guess it's the same either way for me lol
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    @janekx21 my first born will be called null.
    So I can send my garbage to him. 🙄
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