What should you do if the project manager is not assigning you any new work after the backlog already has been cleaned up?

I currently work as a junior front-end dev. For the past few weeks, the 2 juniors (incl. me) are lacking tickets. For example, I got 2.5 days of work assigned during our 3-week sprint. We already followed some courses, read some books & created some designs for upcoming features (that have no "functional specifications" written down).

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    Ask if you can shadow your experienced colleagues, ask them what the pipeline is for the future projects and if they can think of any way you can prepare for those in advance - read up some relevant tech literature maybe? Learn figma?
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    @olezhka Thanks for the advice. Since the more senior colleagues are international, I'm not sure how I can really shadow them.

    The current designs are made in Figma but I probably can learn a lot more features that it offers.

    Thanks for the advice :)
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    there's always time gaps between releases and projects, you're supposed to learn better and latest javascript / react etc. during those times
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