function undefined() { }

There we go. Now undefined IS a function. Damn you JavaScript errors.

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    Lmfao, made my day.
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    I'm not sure that'll work.
    However I suspect it's possible to do with prototyping.
    I'm no where near a JavaScript expert, so correct me if Im wrong :)
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    There's your problem, there's an undefined method in your "undefined"method... Fml
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    that would be paradoxically correct.
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    @lotd it's a joke based on the fact that one of the most common javascript errors is "undefined is not a function" when you try to access a undefined object 😂 obviously it won't work because undefined is a reserved keyword
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    return me;
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    @crisz i figured that, I was trying to extend on the joke.. :p

    Guess nobody caught me x)
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    Don't worry! Elm is taking over soon and then all your problems will be solved
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