Had to program an entire ecommerce site for both a city soccer league and baseball league. Around 50 teams each. No planning or anything beforehand. They gave me around 4 days to complete the project. Once everything was squared away, of course they complained and said that half of the teams were wrong. So I had to stay until around 11 pm in the office fixing everything that Friday night. Of course everyone said it was my fault. I blame it on the lack of planning.

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    I don't know your situation but I would have turned down the offer, get someone else to do it. I like challenges but technical ones, not against time
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    Well it was your fault for accepting unrealistic deadlines...
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    Would have told them:

    That's 1000€ more for your stupidness. And an extra 2500€ fine for zero planning. And it will take at least 2 months you fuckers.
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    Good work, at least you got it done.
    Hopefully you'll earn a lot more in maintenance for them over the years too
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