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    "Hey kid, here's one buck, play this game"
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    And bug appears... (fuck... how do I miss that one.)
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    Yeah, that is very cool.
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    “Oh wait he's cheating!“
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    I always give promo codes to them. Worth 10 diamonds. They say WTF? Then I say, well I made this game... And they don't understand.

    Kids think games are made by god, not a normal man.
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    And if anyone is wondering, it is a prototype that I can't release to the public. I showed my games to my friends, and I guess they showed to their friends or their cousins.

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    Which game is this?
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    @CozyPlanes I'm confused. If it's a prototype that you cannot release then how did a random kid get it?

    And if the kid was related to a friend of yours who you gave the game to, then it's not a random kid.
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    @GigaMick pseudorandom!
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    @nicholai Every random is pseudorandom if you look close enough
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    @GigaMick i gave my game to some my friends, so i guess a random kid is a kid repated to my friends, i think....
    I dont know... It was too old. Like 7 months ago.
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    @error503 damn simple sidescroller with a cute green pixel dragon
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    @CSaratakij yeah... I suck at testing... I cant beat the score 100
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    1. Snatch his or her phone
    2. Throw it far, far away
    3. Grins at him or her
    4. Walks away silently
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    @Jop- nooooooo!
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    250 ++ .....
    x2 times more to go!
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    Don't give a hard date for completion. Your client will change their mind about a million times. Just say about 2 weeks.
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