You know you are stressed when your stressball's face are this faded already

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    Holy shit
    Totally looks like an orange.
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    Oh boy...
    Time to get the permanent marker and draw a face. ;)
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    @trogus is providing free after service up to 2 years of purchase. He will paint one by with leftover orange juice and some dark orange food colouring.
    Send back your stress ball to the sender's address printed in your package you got your stress ball.
    For more information, contact info@devrant.io
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    I think he's just hiding from you, knowing the abuse you put him through regularly... 🤣
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    Sorry about that, that's not the printing stamina we were hoping for. I'll complain to the vendor (that picture will help, thanks) though my guess is that they will shrug their shoulders and say that they're manufactured to be promotional items, and not rated for long term repeated use, but I'll ask if they have a stronger ink option.
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    Put that effort into making orange juice ;)

    Excellent side project :/
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