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    Need to rename it to SamuraiCluster
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    samurais commit suicide when the lord dies
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    From the feature list of 2.0
    * Master calls government when workers form union
    * Master commits suicide when economy collapses
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    Wasn't there a polemic about all the 'master/slave' stuff in the computer world ? How is 'worker and master' not a problem ?

    (Note : I don't care, master/slave is fine by me and still is in the IT world imo)
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    Employee / Employer

    Employees switch Employers if Employer doesn't have enough resources available
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    @Grumm there was/still is - but most people still use this terminology. Why? Because it's literary the definition of their relationship.

    People that want to change definitions like this are idiots, there is no nicer way to put it.

    I put this kind of people with the same brain capacity as flat earthers, seeing a problem where there is none and attacking everyone that does not agree with them.
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    @nemetepst Yeah... the relationship of those servers are literally master and slave, but people want to change them into main/secondary... It makes me wish them quit IT..
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    I think the terminology is precise.

    It dies. It has no governing control process anymore. It must die - if not on it's own, by a forced termination / kill.
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    @daniel-wu main/secondary wtf?
    The counterpart to secondary is primary.
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    @IntrusionCM we'll need a HITMAN if it doesn't die by itself.
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    @daniel-wu emperor or shogun
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