When I was made redundant (business I was working for collapsed) 5 days before Xmas and 2 weeks before birth of my first child, with no pay, no redundancy package or anything.

Good times.

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    I feel you.

    I've been working trying to support my family, and (due to company financial issues) have recently been given a 15% pay cut and had my hours reduced to 8h 30m a week. I couldn't afford groceries before, let alone now. 😢

    I've been looking for work for four months.
    I'm scared.
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    @ClemFrieckie yeah, the company was a big deal and the way it went under was shocking, so we made the national news.

    Once it was on the news I started getting calls from other places and got a new (better) job offer within 24 hours. I'm one of the lucky ones.
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    @Ashkin maybe you can try freelancing till you find a job.
    It worked for me.
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