Lots of questions going on about devRant. Just want to make devRant better.

1. Please tell the update intervals of upvotes and downvotes. Is there a delay? Doesnt really matter but i see many times i got a upvote notif but my score didnt increased...

2. Duplicate image algo is so poor. I know it is only in beta, but i see so many reposts which has the same pic but only with the resolution different or the image with the devrant watermark.

3. Minor, tags should be also saved when exitting the post rant activity.

4. Feature request : go to top, bottom in rant

5. Please make web app accessible in mobile. I think you check the user agent for the web app, but can you make it available to mobile users who cant download the app?

6. When accessing the web app in mobile, i type devrant.io/feed
Then, by the wonderful intent you made, it opens the app automatically. I was writing a rant, but it was all deleted.

7. Any new podcasts and cartoons planned?

8. Still bug not fixed.
Write a comment in a long rant.
Delete the comment you just wrote.
You cant reply to the last person comment.


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    First point: Maybe somebody upvoted and than removed the upvote.
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    The duplicate image thing only checks checksum i think
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    @amahlaka the exact same md5 hash if i remember correctly.

    I think it can be rounded. Close hash can be blocked too...
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    1. Score updates can be delayed a few seconds, or a little longer. But shouldn't be much more than that.

    2. That's what it is and we never said it was anything more. It's meant to be simple. Anything more advanced is actually much harder than it seems and nothing we've tried so far in the background has worked well.

    3. We have plans to do that, but very low priority.

    4. On our list of to-do's, no timeframe

    5. This is something we can consider but probably won't happen any time soon. Not sure why anyone with an Android or iOS device wouldn't be able to download the app.

    6. It's probably not a good idea to ever leave a rant you're working on unsaved while leaving the app. We added save draft to prevent stuff like that.

    7. We have a new podcast almost finished, but no exact timeframe on that. There will be more cartoons too, but not sure when.
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    8. As I've said before, that bug is extremely low priority and an edge case and there's a number of bugs/features that are higher priority right now. It will get fixed eventually though.
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