IT admins of devRant, explain my dumbass the following:

Why would an IT department put servers in a VPN without TLS.

They presume they don't need because muh-VPN.

And then they don't want to hand out VPN connections to anyone and force me to use Citrix RDP 🤡

I know there are security reasons, but is there not a better way? Like goteleport.com ?

Asking for a friend (or several)

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    Did you hack into devRant servers again?
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    @Oktokolo wait, someone hacked devrants servers?
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    @MLPops So you deny it?
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    *coughs* I may know of at least 2 large companies in Germany (large in sense of middle class plus) who do ship *hardware* to their customers to grant access to their product solutions.

    Hardware in sense of a preconfigured VPN box that must be used.

    I 'm not legally allowed to expose any details, but let's say on a level from bad to "The scream"... It's exceeded that scale and is far beyond what Lovecroft could imagine.

    Why? Well... Their web applications cannot use TLS. They're even worse than the hardware provided.

    So yeah.... Because of profound dumbness and uhh unwillingness to improve the situation quo and not wanting to deal with "getting the hardware back" they still do this today...
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    @yukiinothekid from my interactions with the client, that might be the right answer
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