(Call from a distant family member I know by name only)
Him: Hey, blah it's been awhile blah hey so I have this problem with my printer and...
Him: What do you mean you don't know about printers, can I bring it to your hou...<*click*>

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    Fuck yes we're good with printers, toss them off the cliff for ultra fast shipment!
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    I have a friend who always made fun of me for being a computer nerd. But whenever​ he needed anything fixed in his computer he called me.
    I stopped picking his calls, then after few years he recently called me. I thought he would have missed me and was calling to check how I was. He did that and then asked me if I can tell him how to fix that particular problem in his PC. <*click*>
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    It happens regularly if they even know you have a laptop...oh you have a laptop can you fix my printer?. Can you fix my speaker? Can you fix my phone? Blah blah blah
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    Basically me
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