How the hell are you going to have a WebDev degree and not know what SSL is in 2022.

I also shouldn't be the one to notice your CPanel has a ton of unnecessary extra files and folders, and when you go to a subdomain corresponding to some random folders we find a "hacked by some dude" message. : |

I get your mom paid for the domain and hosting for you but you should really fucking know that information yourself.

And I don't care if your mom says 'everything is fine' on her side. You were hacked you need that information so you can tell when things are added that shouldn't be and in this case notify the host site in case the issue is on them while also knowing how to reset everything properly site specifically

Fuck. I should start charging my friends for being stupid and taking my time with things they should know how to do.

My degree is an associates of 'General Programming'. They have a degree in specifically 'Web Development'

90% of my web development knowledge is self taught. If her program didn't cover fucking ssl she needs her money back

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    Just reading the term CPanel triggers my hosting-PTSD
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    @PonySlaystation I don't like cpanel myself. I host my site on a DigitalOcean droplet with NGinX as the webserver

    But for people like my friend I think it's easier for them for the most part
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    Because I've never seen "web dev degree" as a real degree in any university I know of. It's usually shitty bootcamps or similar.

    You should be grateful for them, as they will ensure job availability for real devs for years to come. 😄
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    Just because... Well. Smarty Pants.

    It's not SSL - rather TLS.
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    "90% of my webdev knowledge is self-taught"

    ... 90% of my IT knowledge is self-taught, and i know more than the bottom 60-70% of college-taught IT people. i think it's just a property of colleges in general
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    @IntrusionCM I wanted to say that xD
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    I hope because the subject has only been exposed to TLS and will never use inSecure Socket Layer that has been deprecated since 2004...

    Edit: ah I see you think the same @IntrusionCM
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