AWS is so complicated, it could be a full-time job to only understand all their names and stuff

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    It's simple, just hook up an ELB to an ESC in an ASG running SpotFleet on the VPC behind the AWS Gateway with IAM auth.
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    @Re-cursing With detailed Cloudwatch to monitor your EC2 output traffic to your files host in a Cloudfront distribution based on S3 bucket without forgetting the elastic up you have to assign to your instance to keep it unchanged upon restart from the AWS management console.
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    @Re-cursing @azizfcb I think I saw some English in there, SHAME.
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    What can I say, I make my own aliases with brief descriptions in .bashrc
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    @azizfcb I think Ill stick to my digital ocean VPS monitored by new relic and controlled by server pilot...
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    @azizfcb I'm sorry but, whoosh.

    I meant that your comment still had English in it, not 100% abbreviations and shit. 🙃
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    It's surprising that DevRant appears in search results of popular queries.
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