Girlfriend: How much water did you drink today?
Me: About 3 litres.
Girlfriend: How much of that is coffee?
Me: 5 cups.
Girlfriend: How can you count coffee in that?
Me: Why not?
Girlfriend: It's diuretic.
Me: Yes, but it's still water that goes through my body.
Girlfriend: You're such a smart-ass, huh?
Me: Well, yes, I am.
Girlfriend: So why are you so tired if you think you're drinking enough water? Well?
Me: Never ask a question you don't want to know the answer to.

Girlfriend slammed the door.

So no, women don't want honest men. Guys, lie, lie, lie.

And now I can look at the error message.

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    Wrong, you just haven't talked to a girl on your same level of weirdness and kink.

    Don't worry, they are out there
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    It's hard to deal with the logic of the program and the logic of the woman right afterwards.
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    I mean, her logic is not wrong, it's just not up to date. Caffeine was shown to not significantly increase dehydration. It's a very light diuretic and you still take more water in than it causes to go out supposedly. A study in 2003 showed, that both in people that drink a lot and too little water, caffeine didn't significantly change the urine output.

    it's fine
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    @NeatNerdPrime sure, but they aint single xp
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    @Hazarth Came here to comment that. Upvoted you instead.
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    I'm reminded of a friend of mine who almost never spoke. ( He said one word in 3 years I knew him.. )

    Maybe that is why he was lucky with the ladies !
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    Tell ur gf to be more honest and direct lol
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    Fun fact, water is diuretic too.
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    So and why are you so tired if you think you're drinking enough coffee? Well?
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    talking about “women”, e.g. all women? How large is your pool?
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    @horus Partly because I have to listen to stupid things.
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    @kiki about 4 billion people.
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    @Jabb03 I wonder, when someone changes gender, do they then start to behave like that stereotypical gender ?

    I wonder too, if someone becomes a programmer, do they also become stereotypical.. ?

    Or was they like that beforehand ?

    If they stop programming, does their personality change ?

    I'm reminded of:



    The Knack - Dilbert - Stereotypes

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