I spent eight years in college doing very little progress and didn't graduate in the end ("studied" CS). I'm pretty sure I have severe ADHD and can't even afford to try and treat it/medicate it.

Anyway, I understand the eight-years-in-college-without-graduating matter looks very bad on a resume, but it's a good college (one of the top in my country) that gave me invaluable knowledge in what little I managed to accomplish there.

The way in which LinkedIn allows me to put college education only allows me to input (and in fact in most websites it's kinda required) start and end years, but to be truthful I gotta set these years with their huge span and some kind of observation that I didn't graduate...

This really gives me huge anxiety, and discourages me from even applying to jobs at all, feels like I've ruined my chances at getting into the industry, feels like it locks me away from opportunities, and I know how bad it looks for the HR people, who probably just reject me outright because on top of everything I'm not even the kind of person to particularly attract positive attention from the "normies" as they say.

So, should I just not put my incomplete/dragged out "education" on LinkedIn? I'm not sure if *some* CS education with extremely poor academic results is better than showing no history of higher education at all.

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    Seriously don't worry about it. I would not care a bit if I saw that on a resume. People take extra time to get a degree, it doesn't mean they're lazy or stupid.
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    I'm reminded of some famous people I know of, who lie about their education, I guess no one checks these things !

    ( I know folk who went to school with them, they don't put the real schools they went to, since that would give away their true age, instead they put a fake named establishment that never existed..)

    I wonder what to put about mine, since I want to avoid mentioning certain places I've been, in case certain other undesirable folk track me down. ( I've seen such folk chatting about where I am these days.. )
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