Mommy Microsoft really wants all your data in Windows 11.
The Facebook of operating systems.

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    I consider already Win 10 as inacceptable spyware.
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    @Fast-Nop True, spyware light compared to W11...
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    @PonySlaystation The most striking difference with Win 11 is the increased pressure on users to create a Microsoft account to let Microsoft spy more efficiently.

    At some point, that lets Microsoft not only spy on the data, but also hold them hostage, especially for people who are careless enough to fall for some Microsoft trojan cloud offer.
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    I'm not sure if Microsoft is the woman in this relationship. More like an abusive drunk father that sometimes starts shouting at you and turns of your computer by force because he needs an update and other times he manipulatively asks if you really want to do what you're about to do with admin privileges despite me being sure I never wanted to launch anything with admin privileges in the first place, some applications just automatically do that and it not my fault? but ok?

    And don't even thinking of having mommy linux around. If you love love her first, he will replace her on the boot sector of your heart by force upon entering your life and then you have to only meet with her in secret by overriding his abusive, one parent only boot into a normal, loving GRUB relationship where you can pick with whom you want to be in that moment
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    @Hazarth So mothers can't be the abusive ones?

    Guess I'll have to tell my father he was actually at fault ..
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    @ElectroArchiver I agree, sadly he was smart enough to run away in the early days for me.
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    Always has been
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    @ElectroArchiver Good point, though I speak only from my own experience so you can't really blame me for projecting personal trauma onto the world! xD.

    Still, point taken :)
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    Oh because mac os, ios, android, chrome os are so different... Oh wait
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    If even the Microsoft troll @dontbeevil can't come up with something better than whataboutism and also conviently forgets Linux, then Windows 11 has to be really bad.
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    I love thosepeople, thay only talk about ms and conveniently forgot other companies, than when someone mention it it's automatically a fanboy and whataboutism
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    @dontbeevil Most will not (or don't want to) like that...

    The question is : Is there an OS that actually doesn't track data ?
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    @dontbeevil Even if all the other operating systems were equally spying, the critique against Windows is still valid.
    I mean, is less bad when everyone else does it, too?
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    @Lensflare Of course the critique is still valid.

    But as soon as you mention that Apple also has a lot of trackers, spyware on MacOS, you are either fanboy or a ignorant.

    I prefer a glass box spying without hiding than a bricked one without windows with armor platted steal and pretending there is nothing to see.
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    @Lensflare of curse it's valid, it's not valid that the same people that always complain only about windows and microsoft, never complain about similar things done by others, but if I do I'm a fanboy :)
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    @dontbeevil That’s because you didn’t even try to dismiss the claim against Windows. You went straight to "others do it too", trying to protect Windows for no other reason than that. That’s what makes you a fanboy. 🙂

    Every time that you see someone complaining about Windows, you just try to protect it no matter what. You don’t check if that person has also complained about similar things on other operating systems. You just assume that they are always complaining about Windows.
    Tell me that I’m wrong.
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    @Lensflare why should I try to dismiss something that's true? I do it on purpose, I do exactly like other poeple and they complain only about Microsoft and Windows ...click on the first two users in this rant, check their rants and coments history, have fun! the second one is the funniest one, he even tells me about trolling, what aboutism and conveniently forget about something else (when I do exactly like he do)
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