Recruiter: this job is about dotNet and git.
Me: I never worked with dotNet before.
Recruiter: Okay, maybe we can get you in for git then.


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    "what do you do for a living?" "I'm a professional git" bhaha 😆
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    Atleast that recruiter is trying to be useful.
    Instead of just saying something like "well, go learn it then."
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    @divil the language yes, the frameworks and libraries you're usually using in that language however, are taking a long time to learn
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    @Huuugo This. Plus learning the intricacies, the special tricks of languages required to become somewhat of a "senior" can also take long. It's not always as simple as switching syntax, sometimes the whole design of the code and your way of thinking about data is challenged.

    For example: coming from a lower level language you might use for loops everywhere in Python, instead of using comprehensions and maps.

    And trying to port object oriented Java classes to functional Haskell modules can be a challenge as well, because their type systems and data structures are so wildly different.
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    @divil yes usually. Untill it goes from OOC to functional. I've been staring at this Haskell book for a coupple of hours. Still can't understand more than "Hello world"
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    @RakNoel what a cool language Haskell is
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    @lautataropaske well 6 days later i can say I have solved a coupple of tasks at open.kattis.com ^^ still hard though. And ELM also looks really interesting
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