So Microsoft have not only decided to make it so you can't install indvidual parts of Office, but you also have no choice as to where it gets installed... Straight into "C:\Program Files".

These days when more and more people are using multiple hard drives, what possible benefit can removing installation options have??

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    Wow, really?

    For personal use, that's gonna fuck over everyone with non C hard drives for installs, like me.

    For professional use, if they haven't removed Access, that's 90% of all firms with a MASSIVE risk and compliance issue.

    Holy hell.

    Unless it's 365 you're taking about, in which access rights govern that, so, phew.
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    @daveslater Yeah it's 365 I'm talking about, but that's the software all students are given as part of university, and the one most standard consumers are using. I have no idea what it tries to do if your Windows isn't on a C drive, hopefully it uses environment vars
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    @Artemix Hahaha. I'm all for free software n all, but to suggest markdown as a substitute for the Office suite is just hmm... A tad bit utopian?
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    @siljamicke lol. fine, learn LaTex
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    @Fydrenak it does. Mine is happily sitting on my Y: drive. Had my friend choose my drive letter. Idk why 😂
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    @robzombie111 nah, not very much. But when it's installed I use it occasionally.
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    @Artemix Don't worry, as soon as I realised I couldn't change the install location I installed libreoffice :P
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    @diadev Ahh that's good to hear at least :D
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    @robzombie111 I've used Open Office and Libre office, not a replacement for MS Office, they are stripped down subsets of MS Office. I did my thesis in LaTeX, not a replacement for Office, it's Word in the same sense a bazooka is a toothpick.
    Office is an impressive suite of software in my mind that enables lots of people to do amazing stuff with minimal effort.
    But I'm glad that I don't have to use it that often.
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    @robzombie111 I have found a million sexy things LaTeX can do that Word can't.
    I have yet to see one thing an ordinary user can do at all with LaTeX. I mean literally one. Like even installing it is non-trivial.
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    @Artemix hahaha
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    It would be interesting to hear the reasoning behind these enforced paths.
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