I'm building a script parser to make mods for a game I like. The first step is to write an importer.

The documentation is nonexistent and I'm delving into byte manipulation, which I'm not familiar with - at all. I'm porting existing code from Java to C#, and everything is similar but different enough that I can't always just to a 1:1 transfer.

I get everything working, cleaned up and split into classes so I can write the exporter.

I do an import and the file won't parse. I try all previously know working files and still no good. I clean, rebuild, clean rebuild, run, debug, restart my computer, clear my cache, clean, rebuild. No good.


Proceed to revert to every version from the last hour. No dice.

I was in the wrong folder the whole time.

Navigate to the proper folder, open the filename I know to be good and bingo, works like a charm.

The same project caused me headaches because I had a "== -1", when it should have been "== 1". Between my inexperience with byte manipulation and my untreated astigmatism, I was nearly sent to the shadow realm fixing that.

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    What game is it?
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    @Polymorphism Pokemon SoulSilver. I'm trying my hand at romhacking. In my case, I'm trying to enable all Pokemon native to the game to be caught, but make no other changes. All other romhacks make changes to other parts of the game like difficulty and sprites, which I'm not really looking for.

    But as is tradition for me, I'm more interested in building the tool than I am working on the game.

    The tool I'm working on now is DSPRE. It's an open source c# application built to work on DS Pokemon games. It is great but doesn't open and save level scripts yet. The same author has a Java application that does, so I'm porting it to c# and integrating it into DSPRE.

    I'm also adding in QOL changes that make scripting easier, such as global script search. The application is a massive winform that crashes my IDE, so I'm looking for a way to fix that too.

    I think at this point, working on the tool has turned into the fun part and making a romhack has become secondary.
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    Really, I just want to catch a Caterpie, which isn't a wild encounter in SoulSilver.
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