Sad but true ....

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    Not only AWS, but applies to all cloud service provider. Their terms of billing us are often convoluted, and unclear, probably on purpose, so they can charge us more.
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    That’s probably true if you are illiterate.
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    @100110111 Come on, the fee structure is absurd, even WITH the official calculator
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    @12bitfloat I don’t agree.
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    @12bitfloat the pricing is pretty clearly stated on each service’s respective pricing page. While some of the decisions on what they charge for and how much, and what they don’t charge for, seems a bit arbitrary at times, maybe even absurd, I’m guessing there must be some reasoning behind it. For most parts, it makes sense. Maybe a bit hard to calculate in advance of course, if you don’t know the usage patterns for whatever’s charged for…
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    @100110111 Of course the charges make sense from AWS' perspective. They actually have to provide the intra-datacenter bandwidth for upload, download, cross dc communication, etc.

    I mean that's why they do it like that, but for the end user it still is quite complex
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    @12bitfloat hmm.. curious. I don’t find it complex as an end user. Or needlessly so. I mean AWS has what, 165 or so services, each with their own pricing. It does get complex unavoidably. But if you know what services you will use and can, with any resemblance of accuracy, estimate your usage patterns, your bill won’t surprise you. The hard part is not finding out what the charges will be, it’s the damn estimation.
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