I have been 'called' by a very unusual number. Seems to originate from Russia
For reference, don't call them back!


Now I'm in paranoid mode due to The whole pegasus affair where a simple phone call already infects your phone

Am I paranoid android?

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    Your battery now releases Novichok
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    Congratz, your phone is now infected by Putiner
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    I do think that the Pegasus shit was over sms? And not calls?
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    @Linux they have multiple 0-click attacks, Wikipedia mentions iMessage vulnerabilities and Whatsapp calls. It didn't mention actual phone calls, though.
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    Actual phones was not listed,
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    I suspect, due to the incestuous nature of government and big tech, that we will find the Pegasus hack uses back doors designed for this purpose. So I may be beating you on the paranoia factor.
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    Usually, unless a very specific exploit is found at the kernel level, all Android apps run sandboxed, so the impact any app-run exploit can have is limited.

    Additionally, Android has taken some very sensible (to me, at least) directions in ensuring nothing fishy can be done without you knowing.

    Problem here is carriers and manufacturers including their shit that is able to run out of the sandbox via the OEM signed permissions.

    Google is known to pull shady shit circumventing their own protections (but you accepted the Google play services EULA, so, legally allowed.)

    Apple does it shamelessly for their own (and only their own) benefit. Because "privacy, that's apple", as in, only they get to exploit it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Huawei/Xiaomi collect data and give it to Chinese govt.

    If your phone is rooted, then that's another story.
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    Wouldn't be surprised?
    It's a manufacturing agreement to bug all products.
    Not just theirs but everything they produce for others too.
    By preference on foreign grounds.
    Sideloading architectures at engineering and design stage as well as fumbling around with established production lanes through "servicing" and suppliers.
    Everything around large scale production of circuit boards is hedged and proofed and rewalled and quality assured to mil grade for these reasons.
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