The glory days of high salaried devs are nearing the end. Tech layoff numbers are ***king huge.

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    Luckily I cant get fired
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    Sometimes, riding the bus factor out has its perks.

    If you can be laid off, were you actually needed in the first place?
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    @Linux one who is fired cannot be fired? 😂
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    @Linux Just noticed your feed. Condolences!!
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    If you ignore the special dewokification operation at Twitter, the numbers shouldn't be that bad.
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    @Oktokolo twitter is at the bottom pile. Isn't even significant 100K tech layoffs roughly so far. This is just the start, imo.
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    *FAANG layoff numbers

    The rest of tech is experiencing a lapse in VC funding but established companies are actually sucking up the fresh worker supply. I just got a job and my company is hiring one other junior. My previous company is looking for three juniors.
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    most of the people getting fired from fang aint engineers but hr, sales, and similar roles
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    Was never high salaried in UK so not losing out on much
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    @lorentz not anymore, credit crunch cycle.
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    @mikeRanting umm ok.... lol
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