I hate eclipse. Just hate it. From the core of my heart, I sincerely hate it.

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    I love eclipse. Just love it. From the core of my heart, i sincerely love it.
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    I love this post. I love it.
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    Couldn't agree more... makes me sick seeing people use it, for all kinds of purposes.
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    Eclipse is not bad but if you hate it so much you can use intellij ide
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    @cagdasalagoz The thing is, my future company uses it. I don't. But since I'll be joining it soon, I'll have to.
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    Recently switched back to using eclipse after using intellij and I hate to say it, but I see now, why eclipse gets so much hate.
    Debugger is shitty and autocompletion is so slow, sometimes I don't even bother to use it anymore.
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    I hate the gui. It looks awful, and everything changes place depending on the perspective. I spend more time resizing panels and moving windows around than writing code in that piece of crap.
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