Should I bother with LaTeX? I've been fine with Markdown until now, but lately I've been facing an inferiority complex about it lol

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    I suggest go with LaTeX. It's the ideal text storing tool. Direct conversion to PDF. No sweat.
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    If you want more complex functionality and macros, but don't want to upgrade to latex right away, you should check out asciidoc.

    It's pretty readable and feature complete. Asciidoctor is a very popular implementation of it.
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    @ChappIO Oh cool I'll be sure to check it out
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    I can definitely recommend LaTeX, however I still prefer Markdown for short, simple documents because of its simplicity.
    Both are amazing but for different purposes.
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    @n88888888c also, if you use the .adoc extension, GitHub will render it just like latex
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    Absolutely! It's so beautiful, I love it. I sometimes write stuff just so I get to use LaTeX ☺️ Also, Computer Modern font that you get with it (designed by Knuth) is probably one of the best modern serifs ever.
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    The right tool for the right job. It depends vastly on your needs
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    LaTeX and markdown is way too different things.
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    FFS NOOOO! Use latex only if you have to because of thesis or book. Seriously you will swear and hate the world a lot when using latex.
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    @Huuugo this! Leave it, if you need LaTeX, use pandoc to transform markdown to LaTeX, you could then touch it up a bit. But really you'll probably never need LaTeX.
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