Totally hands off. Haven’t touched code for about 2 months at least. Just concentrating on organising things and meetings.

Manager in latest monthly review : “we’d like you to be more hands off”.


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    Maybe they want you to leave wwww
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    Also take feet of.
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    Stop touching your keyboard. All management must be done verbally via an assistant.
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    New title: Official meeting seat warmer.
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    Sit in a corner, no desk, no pc, and just stare at people
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    Maybe they're trying to sabotage your performance record to explain how they'll fire you or your whore replacement and why they'll either make your life miserable in the future after you begin to rely on their system or keep you from just living your life like they did every other normal person so whiney whores like tosensei can feel better that someone is yelling at their dysfunctional homo asses ? "We" tend to be nasty little fucked up shits that want to make everything more miserable because the world functioning better isn't anything they dream of.
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    And if you didn't take this advice the first time take it now. These fucking shits don't view humans identity like humans they view it as a story device they can make homosexual and kid touching pervy in time where they'll put one of their fucked up pets that will lie for them and steal our work
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    And exaggerate it in either direction
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    Just do your job and keep doing it do not listen to anyone who suggests you should do your job badly and if they try to make you miserable keep notes to shove up their asses later
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    Oh btw this is the person this job belonged to
    Remember that meeting
    Where's the money ?
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    Could be a weird compliment. Nobody can be that passive aggressive
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