A classmate I haven't seen in 2 years popped up in my Linkedin.
I looked up her profile and it seems like she now works at SWE in okayish company after an internship in a prestigious company.

This throws me a little bit (I am jealous obviously). We've worked in the same uni project before, she's okay when it comes to theoretical courses but a bit behind when it comes to anything related to computer. I would never think of her working as SWE as she did better in traditional engineering (think Civil Eng, Mechanical Eng etc, Aerospace Eng.).

And yet I heard a lot of people online complaining about difficulty of finding graduate/junior position. If a person like her can find something, surely someone with pure CS background should find something easier. But then again, job hunting is 50% pure luck. I have concern on the quality of work that she will produce, but maybe I underestimate her a lot? 🤔

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    I think It's non of your business tbh. What are you going to do anyway, get her fired?
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    @Hazarth she didn’t talk about contacting her friend’s managers about performance.

    To OP, getting job, doing internship etc is not fully skill related. It might be her network as well.
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    you won't find an answer, because it's not easy to infer. it's better not to think much about it, it'll lead you nowhere and it'll make you upset
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    What does SWE mean?
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    Yeah luck ..

    They ask me for my hobbies and after I reply they look like I just lost a game of baseball in national leaque ..
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    @hinst soft ware engineer
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