My college wants me to submit my final project.... On a compact disk!
Yes, I'm sitting here facepalming myself to a pulp.
Like what the actual fuck, those things died six years ago! The last time I burned a cd was probably when I was in 9th grade and had a potato for a computer.

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    Geez. That sucks man. CDs are so outdated, I don't even own a cd drive :D
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    Haha those things I would put my illegally downloaded music on back in the day?!
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    Indeed... The only reason I make sure the laptop I buy has a CD slot is to get it out and add an HDD caddy... Haven't used a CD in the past 5 years.
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    I make backups on CD's/DVD's still... 😓
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    I had to do this about two years ago lol a PowerPoint on a DVD, it wasn't rewritable either, it was such a waste of a couple hundred kilobytes lol
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    Use a floppy disk.
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    I finished college not so long ago. They asked me to hand over my work in floppy disks many times. :/
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    So you used punched cards? :-D
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