Batteries don't like me anymore

Yesterday late evening I was out to bring a festive parcel to someone. I left home with 29% batt, went there and still had 27%. Made 3 short (~1min) calls and headed home. Opened Firefox and my phone crashed. WTF, how could FF crash Android? OS separation failure? I turn my phone back on and it says LOW BATTERY: 0%. wtf... With 27% I should have been good until the next morning with no problems! And now it went 27%→0% in a blink (literally).

Today I decided to stay on my lappy for the morning. YT videos to catch up to, dR posts to scroll through, etc. A few hours later laptop battery is drained down to 29%. I step away for a few minutes for a cup of coffee and when I come back - the battery indicator LED is glowing amber and OS says it's got 6% left

29%→6% in a few moments of idle. Riigghhhhttt.... And I thought I won't want anything for this Christmas.

I wonder what's the significance of 27/29% there...

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    You might have exposed the phone to a colder environment. Chemical energy storage in general becomes less willing to realease the stored energy the colder it gets. Also, you can't easily measure the current charge state of a battery. So there are heuristics in use that guesstimate remaining charge based on behaviour in the past and energy use. If you use a phone in a colder environment, the displayed remaining charge might be highly misleading to the point where the phone doesn't even have time to sghutdown properly when the voltage suddenly starts dropping.

    If low temperature indeed is the problem, you can carry your phone near your skin to keep it warm.

    The laptop probably had another reason to die though. Some of them have a BIOS option for recalibrating the battery gauge.
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    @Oktokolo yeah, it's just that I haven't had any batt problems for years, and suddenly I have 2 batt mishaps in <24 hours on 2 different devices. What are the odds...

    As for the cold - sure, it's the most likely cause. Guess I've grown a bit too thick thermal insulation layer this month :)
    then again, I stroll 20km each day in the cold for the last 2 weeks and only on the last cold day this happens ๐Ÿ˜ [it's >0C today]

    too many coincidences to just sit tight and ignore
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    @netikras The two weeks of abuse seem to have angered the battery gods. Maybe sacrificing a wall wart in a litium fire could turn them in your favor again.
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