I have already done like 3 internships of 6 months now. And all the companies sucked!

Now the current company I work at is at least not a marketing company filled with cocaïne sniffing callcenter junkies. But why do they always lie so much. They promised free food and drinks and code reviews. What I get is a computer with an i5 and a fucking Jira account.

This is fucking annoying me, im hungry, thirsty and somebody should really check the code im about to push because it cant be good!!!

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    I am being courted by recruiters right now for internships. What are the warning signs? I will be leaving a higher paying job to take one for the experience.

    What part of the world are you in?
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    @partycoder Good to know. Every recruiter makes it seem I have the skills for the job but when I ask them what they are there is no a real answer or it's 'SQL' when I ask if it's 'MySQL' or 'MSSQL' again no response.
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    what I learned is that you should find a place where you think are people that you could hang out with.

    This will make everything easier. The place I work at now at least has nice colleagues that have the same

    Always ask loads of questions and go as deep as possible if something is important for you. It doesnt matter if you get the job or not, there are enough
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