Learn enough math to solve the problem Chat GPT (and two university math professors) have been unable to solve :(

The hardware is ready, the software is ready, and the only missing piece is to align a laser pointer with a Lambert's conformal conic projected map... I thought Chat GPT would be able to at least provide me with the necessary formulæ, but not...

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    The professors need to write some research papers first so ChatGPT can learn it
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    @electrineer It's relatively simple. It's my lack of understanding of special-coordination and mathematics in general :(
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    Yeah well, it ought not to be so simple if it ain't been solved yet, IMO...

    Spatial (which is what I guess you meant) coordinates aren't so simple, because we can't reason everything in a convenient euclidean space.

    And when we deal with high energy (and quantum) physics, we run into curved coordinates (byproduct of Hamiltonian mechanics, etc) which make it all non trivial. And that is why chatgpt won't take jobs anywhere soon, but will definitely take the jobs of anyone believing so 🙂
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    Obligatory @Wisecrack mention
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    @CoreFusionX Damn auto-correct. Just double checked and my phone readily changed spatial to special for no reason. I need to have a chat with the keyboard... :(
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    It's simple enough. Let me try and explain what I want to do...

    I have a laser pointer on a pan/tilt platform in front of a big map on the wall. The distance between the pointer and the map are not known. Neither are the step angles. The pan and tilt axes are articulated. The axes are not necessarily parallel to the map's. All I can do is, to align the laser pointer by pointing it to a set of known cities on the map, and counting the steps. At the end of the day, I want to be able to use the information gathered during alignment to point the laser to any geographical coordinates on the map.
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