This is my first time working with Android Studio and I'm not sure if it's really building my project or just got stuck...

It's been over an hour and I'm still waiting.

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    Have you tried closing the android studio and run it again?

    Also upgrade to the latest version of Android studio.
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    The gradle welcomes you with its warm spee...uhm.....hands
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    @mohammed I did and I also updated it before doing anything. :(

    @sam9669 ...well, thanks, I guess even though that sounds like a really suspicious welcome hahaha.
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    If its windows 8+ check disk activity on task manager, or cpu/ram activity.

    I had the same issue where my cpu was on high usage and it was not cooling enough, I replaced the thermal paste and it solved the problem.

    Check what's wrong in your case.
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    @mohammed Got it, will do. Thanks for the advice!
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    @theOverseer You're welcome, and fuck gradle!!!
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