I was once working for a company as a part time dev in the centrum of my city.

After working there for almost 1 year I noticed that I didn't get paid the last 2 months. I think it was about 500 euro's. (1 day per week).

So I went on my bike to the company to see whatsup. I came into the store and told my boss I hadn't been paid for 2 months. Even tho I did work.

He then got so angry! Just started yelling "YEAH BECAUSE THE PROJECT ISNT NEAR COMPLETE, NOTHING IS WORKING" I explained him the panel still had to be configured and that everything he asked me to do had been programmed and he then fucking told me he wanted it a different way even tho we clearly discussed it WEEKS AGO and he clearly said what he wanted. so he wanted dont revisions. I told him that this is not possible at this moment because holidays are around the corner and I want to go om vacation. (and he too!!!)

He then got so fucking angry he said "come with me for a second" we walk to the door of the building and then he just pushed me out of there and kicked me in my back.

I got so fucking pissed, I opened the door and asked him if je thinks this is a normal way to discuss. He closed the store door again, and I couldnt hold back anymore. I threw my full can of Red Bull against the glass door. The can exploded, and his whole fucking window had energy drink on it. He took some fucking steal pipe, so I walked back. But while trying to get away I jumped on his store sign. Which broke into pieces (they are quite expanasive). He came outside with his fucking pipe and he was trying to hit me. We had a crowd and people started yelling at him. I walked away but the asshole took my bike and put it inside his store. So that I couldnt leave.

So than I called the cops and reported him. For minor assault and some other things. Shortly after I deleted the entire project from his stupid server.

I really dont know this kinda shit happends, he probably felt like I didn't deserve that money even tho I did everything he asked for within deadline. Trying to solve it after vacation was also not an option. I signed him up for a few news letters after that.

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    I mean, I get the clients want their project finished but this is overreaction... But this is nothing compared to the one time development almost got me stabbed.
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    Fortunately, it's illegal to not pay, or withhold pay, here in the US. I would have just smiled and said, "Fine. My lawyer will be contacting you shortly." and walked off.
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    @vacoup we need this story in a rant
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    Unless you're an independent contactor, in which case you have no legal protections whatsoever, and everyone will outright ignore you regardless of proof.
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    @Ashkin Federal law applies equally. It's the law.
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    @iAmNaN I have a very rehersed rant for this. 😡
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    Wow dude, this is fucked up :o
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    Were the newsletters related to pedophiles?
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    Write off the money you should have received as a learning experience.
    Ponder on it and know how to handle it next time.
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    @vacoup WHAT, Tell us about stabby stab
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