Boss 1: You have such a dedicated team of workers, how do you make them all come in time?
Boss 2: Its simple, 30 employees, 20 parking spaces.

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    Sounds like my college campus just with a few more zeros involved lol
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    @Stuxnet Haha xD
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    Hah! Jokes on you cause I’m broke and I commute to work

    *crying kn the corner*
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    I worked in a place that did this only with hot desks not parking spaces. The devs had dedicated desks because we're special, so we could watch the daily race by the plebs to get a desk - known as the easyJet run.
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    @Robinha Damnn I wish I could see it too
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    We have 8 parking spaces for all 40 employees.
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    @Lensflare 😂😂😂😂 dammnnn
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    Even employees from other organization also parked in my company's slot. You have to be really quick here else will be arguing with guards and HR.
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    @devTea I'm not broke and still go by public transport. The design of modern cars alone is already reason enough.
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    Wait... Shit, now I know why I never have a parking space. It makes sense.
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    @sleep-coder 😂😂 Ahh the struggle of life
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    The bus doesn't need a parking spot
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